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In 1949 our founder decided to tackle the difficult working conditions in the auto production plants and repair shops of the time seeking a solution to a deadly killer, carbon monoxide poisoning. The solution, making the world’s first garage exhaust hose for the automotive service and repair industry.

From the success of the garage exhaust hoses, our founder realized that another industry that suffered from afterthought design desperate for a better solution, came in the form of the commercial and industrial laundry industry. It was from this industry demand of a more efficient drainage systems in terms of cost, time, materials, and labor that we developed Flex Flow, flexible drainage systems for commercial and industrial laundry applications.

Flex Flow’s mission always has been and will always be, to exceed our customer’s expectations by being the leading provider and innovator of laundry drainage systems while providing an outstanding customer experience and solutions designed to meet our customer’s needs.


Flex Flow Drainage hoses provide drainage hoses for almost every make and model of commercial and industrial washing machine. We also provide custom application design solutions, great lead times, and low price per unit cost for our customers. The ease of use in the hoses flexibility, functionality, and time savings are superior to PVC hard pipe drainage systems in every way, by providing huge savings and added value to the end user and their equipment.

Our EPDM rubber drainage hoses are available with a bend radius as low as near-zero; and all of Flex Flow’s Drainage hoses are unaffected by UV, ozone, detergents, bleach, or temperatures as high as +325 or as low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit. Flex Flow drainage hoses are always 100% American sourced and made. Our seamless construction method means that our hoses will never separate, delaminate, or fail over time; and Flex Flow’s corrugated design allows our hoses to have the unique ability to stretch up to two times its length making it the ideal part for working in tight and confined areas. They require no elbow joints, cutting, gluing, and allows for easy cleanouts and adjustments to machines before or after installation.


Flex Flow provides flexible drainage solutions for distributors, service technicians, and coin laundromat owners in the commercial or industrial laundry industry.

Don’t take our word for it. Check out the passage below for what some of our clients have to say about Flex Flow, flexible drainage systems…

Advanced Laundry Systems, “Up until the last six stores we exclusively used hard pipe for drainage systems. With the Flex Flow drainage hoses, it’s as simple as taking two hose clamps, a nut driver and going down the bulkhead installing them one right after another. By using the Flex Flow drainage hoses, we have been able to save not only ourselves but our clients’ money by reducing service times, use less materials, needing fewer technicians per job, and reducing the overall amount of inventory we need to carry. Moving forward on all installs and service calls, Advanced Laundry Systems will absolutely be using this product and recommend it to anyone working in the industrial or commercial laundry industry.”