Prices have increased effective 9/1/21 - COVID-19 pandemic, high worldwide demand across many product categories is driving significantly increased costs for many raw materials, transportation, and other inputs.


No matter the application, Flex Flow has the solution for you.

Flex Flow goes above and beyond.

Our product is designed for both commercial and industrial use, creating a seamless and effective solution to your laundering needs.


Commercial tubing solutions for your business, we specialize in building robust and practical solutions to save you money and time.

Flex Flow drainage hoses have been used in the commercial and industrial laundry industry for over 20 years and during that time, has been used and proven in the field that this product holds up to all the wear and tear and various other demands that the commercial and industrial laundry environments have to offer.


Industrial applications designed and produced to last and grow with your business.

Flex Flow is made from a solid EPDM rubber which is a material that’s been around for decades. The great thing about this material, is in this application its weathering properties, its chemical resistances, and its heat resistance properties are outstanding. The process we use to make Flex Flow drainage hoses, allows us to build it in one complete solid piece with just one material component. What that means to you as the installer or user of this product, is that there’s nothing to separate, delaminate, come apart, expand or contract, and absolutely no seams inside so it won’t fail over time.

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